The 10 Most Popular Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Read the FAQs below to see if we answer your query. Feel free to contact our friendly staff for more information about our roller and garage door repair services.

Q1  My remote handset doesn't work?

Firstly check the battery in the handset hasn't gone flat and that it's the right way around, and secondly make sure that the plug hasn't been dislodged out of the power point.  If these things are ok then there may be a frequency interference, this is a more complex problem.  The reason for frequency interference may be, because you or others have purchased a new cordless door bell within a 30 metre radius and it's on the same frequency as your garage door opener, there is a way to overcome it.

Q2  My panel lift garage door is stuck in the half way position?

The garage door needs to be serviced by a trained technician.  This is a very common problem that occurs to panel lift garage doors, and the reason for this is that the cable has come off the drumwheel on one side when the garage door was in the fully open position.  The reason for the cable becoming lose enough to come off, is because the torsion springs lost some tension over time, that's why regular servicing is recommended.  A panel lift garage door should be serviced annually.

Q3  How long does it take to fit a roller door oprner?

Approximately one hour depending on the garage door size and the brand of roller door.  If the roller door has to have a roller door opener to be installed to it and there is minimum sideroom then it may require a bit more time.  If the fixing is timber, and the roller door is a single roller door, then the duration of the installation should take around 45 minutes, But if it's a extra large roller door and it requires special extended brackets, then there is a lot more time required to install.

Q4  How long does it take to install a sectional garage door opener?

Approximately one hour, depending on the headroom and the available fixing for the bracket that will attach the opener to the ceiling.  Some sectional garage door openers are quite simple to install, but others such as a Merlin 230T take longer to install.  The reason for this is that the location for the bracket attaching to the opener is not variable, and if the ceiling doesn't have timber studs directly above the bracket, and the studs run transversely to the opener then it will take longer.

Q5  My sectional overhead garage door only lifts up a slightly and stops?

The garage door most probably has a broken torsion spring and must be replaced before the garage door can be operated.  This is a common telltale sign, because sectional overhead garage door openers have a auto-reverse function that is triggered when the garage door is obstructed, or if the garage door is hooked onto something.  When a torsion spring breaks the sectional overhead garage door opener is lifting the whole weight of the door only on one spring, then the opener is in auto-reverse mode.

Q6  My roller door is hitting the bottom and going back up on its own?

That's because the roller door needs to be serviced.  What happens to all motorised roller doors eventually, they auto-reverse unless they are serviced regularly. The roller door becomes heavy and when the roller door opens and then reaches its limit close position, with the bit of extra weight that has been created by the springs losing some tension over time, the roller door travels past the close limit setting and the roller door auto-reverses back up.  The roller door needs to be re-tensioned.

Q7  My garage door won't operate?

Check that the power is on and that the plug isn't out of its socket.  Sometimes it could just be a fault with the handset, or the power has tripped out.  If the garage door is over 10 years old, then it may be that garage door opener has worn out the plastic cogs, this is common with some brand of openers such as: the Merlin 430R, the motors are strong, Made in Mexico 1/3 hp AC, but all the other stuff that they used back then tend to last 10 to 15 years approx, which is still pretty good.

Q8  Can I service my panel garage door on my own?

We recommend the panel garage door is serviced by a trained technician annually.  The panel garage door is intricate in design, so when servicing it is a lot harder than some people think. Servicing a panel garage door:  RETENSION THE TORSION SPRINGS; CHECK THE CABLE FOR POSSIBLE FRAYING AND CORROSION; LUBRICATE THE BEARINGS, HINGES AND THE TORSION SPRINGS; CLEAN THE TRACKS; RESET THE TRAVEL LIMITS AND THE SENSITIVITY ON THE OPERATOR; CHECK THAT ALL SCREWS ARE SECURE.

Q9  My roller door is sticking?

The roller door needs to have the vertical tracks adjusted and the brackets leveled.  For roller doors over 5 years, servicing them is quite simple, but when they are older then It could be a bit more difficult, because roller doors have felt strips down each side inside and outside of the door, with age the felt becomes lose and it starts to move outwards, what this does the felt actually rubs against the inside of the vertical tracks, and the roller door starts to stick.  It can be fixed.

Q10  How frequent does my garage door needs to be serviced?

Generally sectional garage doors every 12 months and roller doors every 24 months, but as a rule of thumb, if your garage door suddenly begins to make unusual sounds such as screeching noises when operating, then it's essential that the garage door is serviced ASAP. Also the garage door should be serviced Immediately if there is a gap on one side at the bottom of the door, this is the main reason why sectional garage doors get stuck in the halfway position, and sometimes collapse on one side.

Q11  Do you accept payment by cards?

Now we accept payment via any Master or VISA cards. Also available EFTPOS, Money order and cheques.